Fake News Creative Writing Workshop

Aside from writing children’s books (and before, too), I have been working with children ages 3 -13 for twenty-seven years and engaging them in creative projects throughout. You can see some of my school and library offerings on my website, danbarel.com.

A creative writing workshop, in person or online, can be geared to your needs in terms of length, starting at an hour. For this workshop, ideally the minimum age should be grade six students, but I am open to keen grade fives. I have many writing exercises to draw from in my workshops and for this one, I will focus on descriptive writing, storytelling brevity and the elements of writing a news story in particular. I generally infuse humor into these exercises to generate the energy and motivation that get students writing.

If you are interested in this workshop (or any others), please reach out to me through the contact page.

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