Reginald Pompous-Bottom III has been an editor and publisher of very important books and journals since the moment he could scream, “You’re fired!” Before he wrote A Child’s First Book of Lies, he was responsible for the acclaimed series, Pencils and Other Objects Not to Stick in Your Eye, as well as the Encyclopedia of Squishy Things.


His grandfather,  the legendary Percival “Punchy-Verbs” Goniff, printed the first and only daily newspaper on the Antarctic continent. Despite a sparse human population, the readership for The Globe and Mittens surpassed a million due to the high literacy rate among penguins.


His mother, the late (due to heavy traffic) Amelia Goshdarnit, built a comic book empire based on stories involving non-super heroes who possessed no strengths or powers whatsoever, or even good hygiene. When they fought mastermind criminals, they often died within the first three pages.

None of this biography is true in the least. The real person behind A Child’s First Book of Lies is children’s author, Dan Bar-el. If you’d like to see what he looks like without a fake mustache or learn about the books he’s published, you can press this red button:



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